The Farm

g16Life on a farm can be fun! The kids learn so many things by being an active participant in taking care of the animals and learning things by playing outside with sticks and stones – not with a Nintendo. We do g13have TVs, though, so you can always spend an evening watching a movie cuddling as a family – and plug-ins to charge the necessary electronics.

But with all the fun to be had outside – you will want to experience it. Take a relaxing walk in the woods and see the beauty of nature as it was intended. Pet the horses. Play with the cats. Start up a game of fetch with the dogs. Watch
the kids catch fireflies in the cool summer evenings while parents g12enjoy relaxing on the porch and sipping a cool beverage. You and your whole family are sure to enjoy the fun to be had on a working farm.



zoecat          wagon2

rascalnkids          pettingsparky

lambs          howardshep

feedinghorses         feedinggeese


Vacation down on the farm